AOD is proud to present Ready, Set, Dance program in 2024!



Ready Set Dance is the complete preschool dance curriculum of BALLET, TAP, JAZZ & HIP HOP. It’s the coolest dance class for the preschooler of today!


A magical ballet experience for children aged 2-5. Twirl our mascot will lead our little dancers through each step of the class as they learn the fundamentals of ballet.


In collaboration with Acrobatic Arts, Ready Set Acro is designed for Preschoolers, with original music and a progressional system that makes learning acro fun and rewarding.


Ready Set Move with Me is a creative movement and music class for toddlers and their grownup. A class where dance, play & learning go hand in hand.

Regular and sustained participation in Ready Set Dance classes helps children to develop their confidence as they try new things, practice and consolidate existing skills and experience success and mastery.

The carefully sequenced and playful program develops physical coordination, the coordination of the senses, the coordination of mental processes and language and the coordination of social connections.

Ready Set Dance provides children with a range of skills and capabilities across various domains of development and supports them to use these skills creatively within the realms of dance, music, and drama.


‘The imagination, storytelling
and use of props gives our children the opportunity to learn and grow in a funenvironment.  My daughter always leaves class with a massive smile on herface and asks the next day if she can go to dancing again.’



‘My son loves doing hip hop,
squishing bugs in his tap shoes and having a whole lot of fun without feeling that dance is just for girls.  Ready Set Dance has made both my children more independent and much more confident socially’.


Upper Coomera

‘Moving over to Ready Set Dance is honestly one of the best decisions I have ever made in my business.  The staff, dancers and parents feel like they are a part of something BIG! Our studio has always had an extremely high retention rate so
the growth I have experienced in my preschool numbers is a great indication of a strong future for the studio’.

Nadia Vella-Taranto

Nadia’s Performance Studio, NSW

Ever since Hailee has been doing Ready Set Dance, she’s made so many friends. It’s really special being able to see the biggest smile come over her face when I drop her off to class. Having the opportunity to perform with her on stage was an awesome moment I’ll never forget.

Kai Bradley Anderson

“Ready Set Dance is an innovative program designed specifically to introduce young children to the world of dance. In each class teachers explore aspects of the Ready Set Dance curriculum through playful approaches which are responsive to the curiosity and imagination of young learners. 

Through regular and sustained participation in Ready Set Dance classes children develop positive dispositions to learning such as enthusiasm, independence, concentration, persistence, co-operation and the three C’s of confidence, coordination, and creativity. Ready Set Dance offers much to support the play and learning of young children in Australia and beyond.”
Dr. Cathie Harrison